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The SaaS boilerplate that helps you spread your product to the world as quickly as possible.

The Effort

12 hrs to set up OAuth

+2 hrs to connect frontend + backend auth

+ +4 hrs to setup backend with automatic OpenAPI generation

+ +4 hrs to setup SEO optimised blog with automatic sitemap generation generation

+ 2 hrs implementing component & icon & font libraries

+ 2 hrs setting up database & ORM

+ 2 hrs containerizing & deploying to production

= 28+ hours of laborious work


In the last 3 years, we've built 4 startups and finally Spur was the one which finally made money.

Spur launched on Sep 22 with the aim of making ecommerce communication magical. In 1.2 years we scaled it to 400+ brands with a total of $50 million in revenue generated for them. Our strategy? Ship like crazy, in 1.5 years we shipped 100+ features and 1000+ bug fixes.

Our secret sauce to this speed was our boilerplate which we developed & constantly iterated for the last 3 years. It's slightly unconventional with Svelte instead of React (much lesser learning curve if you're new to frontend) for frontend, and a dedicated backend instead of using SvelteKit itself as the backend. (There are many advantages of a dedicated backend)

You can follow mine and Royal's journey on X.


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  1. What all is included in the boilerplate?
    1. ⚙️ SvelteKit with TypeScript
    2. ✔️ Ready to use & SEO optimised Blog
    3. ⚙️ ESLint with Prettier
    4. ⚙️ TailwindCSS
    5. ⚙️ NestJS (A dedicated backend)
    6. ✔️ Automatic OpenAPI documentation generation
    7. ⚙️ Prisma (ORM)
    8. ⚙️ PostgreSQL (Database)
    9. ⚙️ Auth with JWT
    10. ✔️ Email
    11. ✔️ Stripe for payments
  2. What's the programming language used?
    1. Everything is written in TypeScript.
  3. Why a dedicated backend?
    1. After trying to completely rely on SvelteKit/NextJs for Spur (my other SaaS) in 2022 and failing miserably, I realised that I needed a dedicated backend for my projects.You will need a dedicated backend if:
      • You need auto OpenAPI docs generation
      • Cron jobs (Jobs executed at a specific interval)
      • Delayed or queuing of jobs
      While there are hacky solutions available for the above for both NextJs and SvelteKit, they're not worth the effort. A dedicated backend will give you all the above right out of the box.If you're building GPT actions for example, you'll need a well maintained OpenAPI documentation. This boilerplate comes with a dedicated backend that automatically generates OpenAPI documentation for you.
  4. When was this boilerplate last updated?
    1. I use this boilerplate for both Spur and Pero and I'm constantly updating it with new features and improvements :)
  5. How Launchnow better than other boilerplates?
    1. Two things:
      1. Launchnow is built with Distribution in mind, everything added is help you get more users, rank better on google and get sales!
      2. I fail to understand why dont any other boilerplate have a dedicated backend. Even for something simple like GPT actions or a job scheduling, you would have a very hard time figuring things out with SvelteKit or NextJs themselves. Goal is to ship fast, not to learn how to build a backend.
  6. Why use Svelte & SvelteKit instead of React & NextJS? (Svelte vs React)
    1. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Svelte is a great choice. It's easy to learn, has a great community, and is super fast. SvelteKit is the official framework for Svelte. But it's already being used in production by many companies.Here's a video by Fireship that explains why Svelte is his go to choice:
    2. https://youtu.be/rFP7rUYtOOg?si=m-PmD0XWr6fGd6Yh&t=88
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After you purchase the boilerplate, you will get access to the source code. Due to the nature of the product, I cannot offer refunds. That said, this boilerplate will help you ship in a weekend what would otherwise take you weeks to build & monetise!

Last updated Feb 19, 2024

You'll get access to the github repo which is updated frequently!

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Blogs + Sitemap
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NestJS (Backend)
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